Exercising Gratefulness

Hi, it’s been a while since I updated here. I hope you guys are living the best out of your life!

Let’s start with a short story. I want to tell you why I learned digital marketing when I was in college.

When I was in high school, I realized that my family was a middle-income family. I was a bit privileged compared to the rest of society but not privileged enough. I felt unsafe back then because I could buy things that I wanted. I was desperate to make my own money, so I joined management study in college. But that wasn’t enough.

All I know were entering management study will get me close to creating a business. But studying business is not the same as creating one. In 2013, one year after joining, I realized that I would not learn anything that makes me close to building a business.

I scroll Facebook to follow some inspirational entrepreneurs there like normal teenagers. And I found out about the Facebook Ads workshop. What is this? The speaker is not from Facebook but some random dude. I thought I had a chance. And the rest is history.

I buried my dream to build my own business by covering with becoming a marketing consultant. My regular job used to be solving marketing problems with business owners. I got a pretty good job. But the dream was itching.

Okay, let’s stop for a moment. Where is this going? This year I finally took a leap of faith by starting my own business, which has been my dream since I don’t know when. But I’m full of anxiousness and afraid of many things even though I’m ready and have already accumulated the necessary experience.

This moment is a reminder for me to exercise gratefulness. Not all people have a chance to work on their dreams. I am fortunate that I get the opportunity. No dream will be easy; otherwise, it’s not worth it.

Today’s reflection is a simple post but can remind you that whenever you feel down, look how far you already go. In my case, I need to look back 12 years ago to see that I’m progressing.

P.S. I’m practicing my English so I will write the future post in English. I hope you can practice too and keep improving yourself.

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